Monday, December 17, 2007

Quiz Backlash

I kind of had a mishmash of classes today. I had two periods of AP Human Geography which is an AP class for freshmen (I didn't know such a thing existed). And today they had two quizzes.

The first quiz was on the chapter. The second quiz was a vocabulary quiz on the unit. A student made up the quiz.

If a student creates the quiz, then he or she gets an automatic 100%. Even so, according to the students, no one really wanted to create the quiz. But then the teacher got a volunteer.

The student who made the quiz was in the first group that took the quiz. As the other students got into it, they started to have questions. They wanted to know if they could ask the quiz creator, which I thought was a reasonable request. So, for about 10 minutes, this student was doing my job, answering numerous questions.

Apparently, the quiz was very hard.

Then the second group came in. They heard. And when I passed out the quiz, they complained loudly. And they wanted to do harm to the quiz creator.

I had to defend the quiz creator, basically because I could not allow them to talk like they were talking. There was talk of violence. There was talk of sabotaging the student's grade. There was general talk about how they did not like this boy. But since these are the smart kids, they couched their terms. "Strongly worded essay"--that's my favorite.

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