Saturday, December 1, 2007

Rainy Day

It's been a crazy week. I've been busy with Christmas decoration preparation and dental appointments and migraine headaches. Next week has got to be easier.

Yesterday it rained. I like the rain. I like listening to it on the roof when I sleep. I like watching it out the window while I'm under some knitting project. I even like walking in it under an umbrella. But I hate it at school.

I wonder about when they built this school. Was it a dry decade? Did they not know what rain was like? I wonder, because they built this school in the worst possible way to deal with the rain.

There are no covered walkways anywhere. They only recently (within the past two years) built a covered lunch area (and it isn't all that large, especially compared to the size of the population of the school). And when enough water is around, the grassy areas between buildings flood. One year the flood waters were up to the doorways of some of the classrooms.

There aren't even any overhanging roofs over doorways. The eaves hang just far enough so that when one is entering a room, one is standing right at the edge of the eaves. That means that I have water dripping on my head as I'm trying to unlock the door. Well, water would be dripping on my head, but I'm usually holding an umbrella, albeit awkwardly.

If there's even the slightest chance of rain and I'm subbing at that school, I make sure to have my umbrella with me. Just getting from the office to the classroom would be a drenching experience without the umbrella.

Now imagine this place filled with students getting to and from class. Oh, I've got a better image...

Imagine everyone packed closely, trying to get out the gates in a deluge of rain. One year someone pulled a fire alarm in the rain.

I hope it rains again. Though, I hope I'm working at a different school.

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