Monday, December 10, 2007

Heat Wars

I had a quiet day. I needed a quiet day. I'm getting over a migraine.

It's been rather chilly. I run pretty warm, but it's been cold enough that even I wanted the heat on. So, I had it set at 72 degrees. This is a fairly reasonable temperature, warm even. And things were fine most of the day.

There was this one boy, however, who complained. He was wearing a t-shirt (part of the problem), and when he complained about the cold I gave my standard answer: "The heat is on". He checked and sure enough, I was right.

The temperature controls are located on a wall opposite the teacher's desk. They are also out in the open. So, when at 1:30 PM the warm air started blowing again, I got curious. Sure enough, the boy had set the heat at 80 degrees. Grrrr!

I set the temperature back down to 70. I got complaints--not about my turning it down, mind you, but because the heat had been set too high. I pointed at the boy and told the class that he had turned it up. He denied this. I informed him that I had seen him do it (he was over by the controls just before the heat went back on--hmmm). The temperature controls were not messed with for the remainder of the period.

The next period, same story. The boy thought he could get away with turning the heat up again! Well, I had a change of class form stating that he had been dropped from the class, so I sent him away. And I had no more problems with the heat.

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