Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Eighth graders are evil. By ninth grade they've mostly grown out of it. But some take a little longer to mature.

Today I covered ninth grade health. For the most part the classes were okay--on task and reasonable. Then 4th period arrived.

A student had crutches. I don't know why as there was no obvious injury. No cast. No bound up ankle. No limp. Actually, I can't say for sure who the crutches belonged to, for two different students walked in with one crutch apiece. But they were put aside before the period started.

In a reasonable class, the students remain seated. Today I had roamers. They went right for the crutches.

"Leave those there!"

I said that. Unfortunately, I had to repeat that command several times. First they argued. Then they complained. Only then did they reluctantly comply.

Sigh. I wish there was a way to ban crutches. At least from immature ninth grade classes.

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