Thursday, September 23, 2021

No Name

One of the things that subs don't do much of is grading papers. And I'm glad of that. I'm always sure the kiddos are going to call me on something that wasn't "fair" or such. Am I grading too hard? Too easy? It's just so much to worry about, but I don't often have to worry about it.

But, I'm on a long term gig, and keeping up on the grading is one of those things I need to do.

Test day. One of the students said he had a question for me, but it could wait. 

Then, after the test, he asked about one of his assignments. He said he had turned it in, but there was no grade for it in the gradebook. (The gradebook is online, so they can see their scores for anything at any time.) 

I pulled out the assignment. (I had planned to pass things back after they had all completed the test, so it was right at my fingertips.) I flipped through the pages, and at the bottom of the stack, we found the one paper that had no name on it. 

Yup, it was his.

(I'm very good at keeping track of stuff, so it hadn't crossed my mind that it had gotten lost. But, I do make mistakes, so had I missed inputting a grade? Had I entered it on the wrong line? Both were plausible.)

You'd think by senior year they'd figure out the whole put-name-on-paper thing, but alas, no.


  1. That’s just the most basic part of the assignment …

    1. Right? I think after last year, when all their work was online, so their names automatically attached, they got out of the habit.

  2. Maybe the student thought some software would automatically put his name on it? Software seems to be able to do almost anything.

    1. Well, if he had done the assignment in Google Classroom, his name would have automatically attached.

  3. At least he asked about the grade and didn't ignore the fact there wasn't one...


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