Wednesday, September 15, 2021

In Passing

Passing period. It's the time between classes, when the kiddos go from one room the next. 

As per usual, I was standing at the door, greeting students as they came in. (It's encouraged for us to do that.)

This particular classroom opens to the lunch area. We're across from the ASB office, which opens to a wide open space. I can see to the front gate, the parking lot, the band room, and almost as far as the gym. 

A ways away, along the sidewalk, were a group of three students in amongst the throngs making their way to their next class. One called my name. I waved.

Student 1: "We miss you!"

Students 2 & 3: "No, we don't..."

They didn't see my smile behind my mask.


  1. That's so nice they called out to you. You're one of the ones they like!

    1. I'm rather dubious on that. Being a sub is a weird sort of limbo. You're never quite sure if they like you or they're just doing an Eddie Haskell impersonation.

  2. High school law forbids them from admitting they like a teacher.

  3. It hard tell these days those who where mask if their smiling or have frown.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  4. That’s nice to hear including the what the 2 said after. Thanks for the smile.


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