Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Joke's on Me?

Fifth period geography. Freshmen (read: 14-year-olds). 

Every teacher has one. That class. It's the period that they all dread. For this class, it's fifth period. 

I've battled them on their assigned seats. One boy won't keep his mask on his face. And as I go through their PowerPoints (prepared by their teacher for which they're supposed to be taking notes), they just don't focus. 

They have the giggles. 

Tuesday. They had the giggles bad. There are four students (mask-less boy had been out all week) who just... They are seated far from each other, but there's constant communication. Two girls, two boys. 

I stop. Give them stares. But I can't figure out what the joke is. 

On Tuesday, after I arrived home, I found my fly down...

And, I am pretty sure they're laughing at me. But, as I thought back on the day, I didn't think my fly was actually down in class. I think I would have noticed when I hit the restroom after that class. (I didn't get home for a good two more hours.)

There are myriad things they could be laughing about. But I think it's better if I don't know what it is.


  1. Kids are horrible. What is wrong with someone pointing it out.

    1. I really don't think my fly was down in class. It wasn't long after that I hit the restroom, and I would have noticed then. Besides, I wear my shirt long. But then I don't know what else it could have been. (Probably had nothing to do with me.)

  2. Oh, man. I was a student teacher with her fly down in German class. I called myself out, fortunately, and then we talked about how one says, 'your fly is open' auf Deutsch. 'Deine Hose ist offen'. :D

  3. Oh. That class. I am all too familiar with that class. It is often better when we don't know what's causing the giggles.

    My sister and I once had the giggles in church. During the sermon. I don't even remember what caused them, but we could not stop. Our mother was super unimpressed.

  4. Definitely better not to know. That's the kind of thing that would plague me forever.

  5. Leave them to suffer their future fates.

  6. You don't want to know. Don't ask.

  7. There's always one class. I remember being about that age in school when we had PE class. The PE teacher was a new graduate, she had long blonde hair, blue eyes and spoke in a little girl breathy voice. She wore those pleated sports skirts, but quite high on her waist so they were fairly short on her legs. Of course the teen boys all fantasised about her. One day she obviously had her period and was wearing a white pleated skirt with white underwear which was stained red. She was oblivious, but we couldn't help but notice when she bent over. There were giggles from some of the class that day. I was mortified for her but didn't say anything because I had no idea what or how to say anything to her. She didn't stay at our school long after that.

  8. I'm sure most of them will grow up and be kind considered adults.
    Coffee is on and stay safe


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