Thursday, July 31, 2014

No July 31st?

So, I've gone and joined the #ThrowbackThursday crowd. And I figured this post from July 31, 2010 was apropos...

I don't know why these things come up, but as this was rather timely, I thought I'd share.

On Monday, I went over to help my 9-year-old niece clean out her closet. As she did the work, I blathered on about random things.

I told her about the time when I was a child that I was paranoid about July having 31 days. My child brain reasoned that since February sometimes has a 29th, then perhaps other months could lose their last day. My niece thought that this logic was crazy, and she said so.

Of course, I was assured by my parents that July would always have 31 days. And now I see the craziness of the thought. (I was a small child. I had many crazy worries.) I hadn't thought of this for years.

Nothing quite like trying to entertain a child to bring out such strange memories.

Happy Birthday to me.

Niece, whose online alias is ArcherGirl, is currently 13. She goes into the 8th grade this fall.


  1. I remember getting upset when I was young because that song about "momma's gonna buy you a mockingbird" ended with "you'll still be the best little daughter in town." I reasoned that at the end of the song, I didn't get anything. She was nice enough to just smile and not call me materialistic!

  2. Is today your birthday? If so, happy birthday! That would be confusing as a child to wonder if months could lose their days :)


  3. Man, I wrote a whole comment and then had to sign in and it deleted the comment. Whatevs, Google.

    I was opining that it would be neat if we could just use our Leap Day whenever we wanted. Sure, yeah, chaos, but think: You could get an extra July day, July 32nd, and I could take another June day. June 31st! Eventually we'd synch up again. And then we'd leave all the August 32nd people behind.

    1. It took centuries before everyone transitioned from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian one. They were something like two weeks apart. So, some national team missed an Olympics because of it.

      What I'm saying is taking a leap day whenever you want might not work out so well.

  4. I'm guessing the 31st was your birthday. I understand your childhood fears. Birthdays are everything when you're a kid. These days I'd be happy to drop a day from late September :) Happy Birthday!!

    1. Yeah, I'm not so keen on the birthday anymore.

  5. Happy Birthday Leo the lion:) It would be nice if we could have a leap year then I might only be 14 or something like that:)


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