Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Guess My Musical Instrument

"You look like you play the oboe."

That's what got my attention. The boy to whom the comment was directed looked confused.


What does an oboe player look like? I challenged the boy who made the initial comment. He hemmed and hawed. I asked him if I looked like an oboe player. He said I didn't.

Funny. I guess that decade I spent in various school bands was all my imagination, then. (Although, I was never very good...)

I informed the boy that one couldn't tell what instrument one played just by looking at them.

"What instrument does he play?" he asked, pointing at the boy seated next to him.

Didn't I just say...

Fine. I needed to narrow it down a bit. Woodwind or brass? I was told woodwind.

I looked at the boy in question. How was I supposed to know what he played? I threw out saxophone followed by my second guess of bass clarinet.

His eyes went wide. He was an alto sax player.

"What instrument does she play?"

After being told woodwind, I thought flute. But that's way too obvious. So, I said clarinet. But...flute.

You'd think they'd be done, right? But no. It seemed like half the geometry class was in the band. And I was directed to another student. Boy. Woodwind.


Bullseye. Next, a girl. Brass.

"French horn?"

(French horn players... Well, she just seemed like... But I can't tell what instrument just by looking!)

Finally, the boy who started all this told me to guess him. Brass. Well, I knew he had to be low brass, so I went with the obvious.


They now thought I was a witch. The clarinet player was very impressed. I don't know why. Perhaps if I had gotten 100%, but I didn't. Not really.

I guess my time in various bands (in junior high, high school, and college) paid off. Somewhat.

Today's A to Z Challenge post brought to you by the letter...

Did you play in your high school band? What instrument? If you could play a musical instrument, which one would you choose?


  1. I didn't play in band, but I'm a vocalist, so I do use that instrument--and piano. I'm working to relearn guitar, but I would also love to learn every instrument under the sun. Eventually. When my time-stopper is working again. =)

    I'm not surprised you guessed right. You get most the Truth or Lie games right.

  2. Hi Liz! Fellow UB moderator here, finally found you in this blogosphere!

    I didn't play an instrument in the high school band, although I did play the piano all while growing up. I'm like Crystal, I sang in high school as well. My son plays the trumpet in the middle school band and it's been fun to see him learning how to play and hearing songs I recognize!

    I think it's funny that you were able to tell what instrument most of the kids played just by looking at them! :)

    1. Yeah, funny. How have we not run into each other before this?

      I still maintain that you can't tell what instrument a person plays just by looking at them. Just because I guessed right a couple times...

  3. I would be so lost around the different musical instruments.

  4. I did not. I took piano and guitar lessons but nothing too in depth. I do have a hankering to learn the cello.

    1. I should have included those in the question somehow. I never could get the hang of piano. I wanted to take guitar but never got around to it.

  5. That is a pretty cool talent! I have played a few but really took to none... I now wonder what kind of a player I look like!

  6. I played clarinet for a short while, badly I think.

  7. I never played an instrument, but I wish I could play great blues guitar. my kids all play - guitar, bass, drums & piano. Great fun!

  8. Maybe you CAN divine who plays what instrument. It's a very esoteric brand of divination, but still real.

  9. I was a clarinet geek all through middle and high school! I was in the concert band and a Jazz octet lol I always wanted to play the piano or guitar but they both required longer fingers (I have short skinny fingers) and coordination!

  10. Interesting... I wonder if you could guess my daughter. I wouldn't have guessed. She's tall and skinny and very quiet but she rocked the baritone. She quit this past year and joined JROTC.

  11. the place i live in, doesnt have bands in schools n colleges :-( i had always wished to b a part of one evr since childhood by watchin the cool bands in serials! btw am a vocalist :) bt widout a band that is!


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