Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Random Question

How're everybody's holidays going? Anyone left in the blogosphere? Anyone?

*crickets chirping*

Well, if you're here, then you're looking for a random question, so that's what I'm going to post--a question on randomness.

What if nothing is actually random? What if the stuff we perceive as random actually contains an underlying order that we cannot comprehend? 

And that's my last "what if?" for the year. I'll have a new one next week, er, year.


  1. So basically you are asking if I believe in fate? I don't, but that's because I have control issues :)

  2. I think everything is random. Otherwise I cannot comprehend why my life sucks so much unless it is through some evil power that just wanted to make an example of me.

  3. It is super quiet, isn't it? At least you're still here.

    I think it's a fascinating idea. This would also imply that there's an overarching plan to the universe and I love ideas like that. It would be kind of like a well-plotted story, isn't it?


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