Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Everything Old Is New Again

It turns out that my nook cozies... Remember my ereader cozies? I haven't mentioned them in a while.

Small Tablet Cozy in Beige

Anyway, it turns out that they fit those new mini tablets (iPad Mini, Nook HD and HD+, Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and Google Nexus 7).  

7 Inch Tablet Cozy in Sage Green

I love making them, but I stopped because the ereaders shrank since I designed this for my first generation nook.  

Out of curiosity, I checked the dimensions of the mini tablet, and I was thrilled that they are nearly the same size as the first generation nook. (The knitting stretches, so the dimensions don't have to be exactly the same.)  

I just wanted to crow about it.   

I have a bunch for sale. (I can even make a custom one if you're interested.) If you're a knitter, the pattern is also for sale. (It's done mostly in the round. Cables are involved. But I included a chart. And it's only $2.)  

Do you have a tablet? A mini tablet? Do you want a tablet or mini tablet? 


  1. Sure. I'd love one. I have a Nook. BTW, I could send you epub versions of my book so you could load them on your nook if you're really serious about reading them. But it's okay if it's not your kind of fiction.

  2. They look GREAT. You need to publicize this more. I'm going to put this on my list for Sweetie to get me for my Kindle.

  3. Ack, I should have been clearer with my questions. I meant: Do you want a mini tablet or reader?

    (Of course you want one of my covers. They're really cool;))


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