Thursday, December 20, 2012

Recording a Dream

The other day as I finished sewing a zipper into a sweater (nephew's birthday present)...

...I watched a Through the Wormhole I recorded in June. 

(I used to have stuff on the DVR from November 2011. But, unfortunately, the DVR broke last Friday and had to be replaced. Sigh. So many shows went down with the ship.)  

Anyway, that episode contained a segment where a Japanese scientist discussed the possibility of being able to record people's dreams.  

So, as I stitched and watched, I thought about this. And I didn't like it. Which leads to this week's question:  

What if they could record your dreams? What if they could hook you up to some machine as you slept and make a recording of all the strange things that passed through your brain while you were unconscious? Would you let them? Would you want to see them? Would you let others watch your dreams?  


  1. This was on an episode of Fringe. One guy invented a way to treat terrible nightmares by recording the person's dream so that they didn't have to experience it. The thing is, the people went insane because they needed to experience their dream and somehow the show related this to the brain getting its rest or something like that. I didn't quite understand the connection. Anyway, these people who went insane ended up being killers and then they'd off themselves. The Fringe team had to figure out why.

  2. That's an interesting idea, but I'm not sure I'd like my dreams recorded. I'd certainly be too embarrassed to let anyone view my dreams. They're just so weird.

    I hope the DVR gets there soon.

  3. I would love to see what I dream about, but I wouldn't want anyone else to see. Not sure I'd really want to see anyone else's dreams either.


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