Thursday, May 3, 2012

So Big

The universe is a big place. Really, really big. It takes us years to send probes to relatively close places, like Saturn. Getting farther out there to planets orbiting other stars might be possible, but at what cost? Which leads me to this week's random question:

What if the reason the universe is so vast is to keep us from trying to contact alien beings on other worlds?


  1. I answer your question with another question:

    Why does there need to be a reason for anything? My answer is that the universe doesn't owe any kind of explanation. It doesn't owe us hope. It doesn't owe us meaning. It just is. (Yes, I'm atheist).

  2. An interesting thought. I honestly can think of why the universe or god or whatever would separate worlds. If it's true, it would make me think of an experiment where the different subjects have to be kept isolated...which makes me wonder even more.


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