Thursday, February 3, 2011

Busted by Sis

It's been chilly all week, but by sixth period the classroom can be a bit stuffy. Today, I left the door propped open to let in a little fresh air.

The students are all supposed to be in class, but the occasional student will walk by. One teacher took a class up to the library, and as they passed, one of the students jumped up, caught a branch on a tree, and did a pull up. This got a reaction from my group. The girls started a discussion about the boy's looks; they decided that he was not attractive.

Occasionally, the students in the room will wave hello to the students who pass by. Since these things tend to not take much time, I don't bother too much with it. But when one girl called out loudly to someone on the outside, I was concerned.

The girl in class yelled at the boy outside. "What are you doing there? Aren't you supposed to be in class? Come back here!"

The boy outside passed from view. Then I got an explanation.

The boy was the girl's little brother. She saw him walking with his girlfriend, and to her it looked like they were ditching. She knew that he should have been in class and not walking around campus, and she was not pleased.

I have a feeling that boy is going to get it at home tonight.

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