Friday, February 11, 2011

10 Steps to a Bad Note

Here's a short list of things a class can do to tick me off: 
  1. Run in late after the tardy bell. Claim that you were sharpening your pencil by the door, even though I can clearly see the pencil sharpener, and you were nowhere near it. 
  2. Continue talking while I try to introduce myself. Don't stop when I give out the instructions for the day. 
  3. Move out of your assigned seat. I'm a sub. The class rules must not apply to me. 
  4. When I tell you to go back to your assigned seat, don't do it. Inform me that the teacher always lets you move (even though the lesson plan contradicts you). 
  5. Continue talking while I pass out the quiz. 
  6. Start talking again when you've turned in your quiz. Never mind that half the class is still working on theirs. Insist upon me loudly reminding you that there are still quizzes out and that you should not be talking. 
  7. Talk during the video. 
  8. Continue to talk during the video even after I have asked you to stop talking during the video. 
  9. When the Valentine Gram students come in, confuse them. Sure, the student they're there to sing to is absent, but they don't have to know that. Why not waste two minutes of their time acting as if the student is in class? 
  10. After the video is over, immediately turn in your notes, even though I'm clearly indicating that we're going to discuss some things you watched. 
Period 4 managed to do all of these things. I consider this "not cooperative", and I said so in my note to their teacher. 

Luckily, this was only one class. The rest of the day went very well, thank you very much. 


  1. I'll tell you one thing that AGGRAVATES me to NO END is when students are taking a quiz or test and the early finishers start talking, tapping on their desks, or otherwise become a distraction for other students trying to finish. It drives me crazy! I've had a lot of disciplinary issues with students just over that one issue.

    I'm glad only one class caused problems for you. Hopefully, the teacher holds Period 4 accountable.

  2. You are infinitely patient! This stuff would drive me nuts!


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