Friday, February 19, 2010

Weekly Rhythm

On Tuesday, 1st period did practically no work. Several students looked at me through half-closed eyes. I heard about how long the weekend was. Two students found all sorts of topics to discuss, and they went no where near the assignment.

On Wednesday, several of them asked about Tuesday's assignment. Some of them even started it. One of Tuesday's discussers took out a book, got paper, and started to work. The other one's desk remained empty the entire period.

Then Thursday, something weird happened. They all worked.

Practically everyone got out books and found paper. The room went silent. At the end of the period, I got a stack of work. Most students turned in two assignments. Complete!

What happened? I was curious, so I asked them why the sudden interest in their schoolwork. They informed me that they do work, they just need a day or two to get into a school mind-set.

Today? Is Friday. They went back to Tuesday's attitude. They don't work on Fridays.

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