Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Teacher's Desk

Occasionally I'll get the apology (if I see the teacher): "Sorry about the mess." If the teacher knows that he'll be out, he might spend some time cleaning the desk off. I'll hear about this from the students: "Wow, I've never seen the top of the desk before. It's usually covered in papers."

Usually, I don't notice. I consider teacher's desks to be under SEP fields.

The teacher's desk today isn't the worst I've ever seen. The teacher with that distinction no longer works for this school district. But for some reason today it's annoying me.

Perhaps it's because I'm going to be here all week. Perhaps I'm feeling like I should be cleaning (I have a mess at home I've been avoiding). Whatever the reason, I really, really want to clean off this teacher's desk.

I won't. It's not my desk. I'm sure he has everything right where he needs it. And to rearrange another teacher's classroom is kind of rude (not to mention not in my job description).

It's been a long day. I had a bad night of not sleeping. And I'm ready for my day to be over. Perhaps tomorrow the desk won't bother me as much. (My SEP field generator must be on the fritz.)

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