Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dreamy Hermes

There are some days that I just know I'm going to have an easy day. Today was one of those days (advanced classes, good teacher, always well-behaved kids). That's why I worked today even though I'm getting over a cold that I've been fighting all weekend. (It was a long, miserable weekend.)

They were watching The Odyssey. They had read it in class (7th grade English).

2nd period was really into the movie. Of course, they're 7th graders, so that means that they over react. Really, over over react. They laugh just a little too loud. They melodramatically hide their faces when something they don't want to see happens. That sort of thing.

There were four students who seemed to be the ringleaders of the overreaction. I kept my eye on them. So, that's why I noticed when the girl got interested in one of the actors.

When Hermes came on screen, this girl practically swooned. She told her neighbor that the guy was very good looking. When Hermes appeared again, she was very happy. She was so crushing on him.

It was rather entertaining to watch.

Eventually, the class settled a bit from the over reacting (that I was taking down names seemed to quell them a bit). And Hermes only made a couple brief appearances.

Funnily enough, the next group noticed Hermes too. They weren't impressed. They questioned his masculinity.

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