Thursday, February 18, 2010

Almost on Task

"Does writing on yourself cause skin cancer?"

I'm not the expert on such things, but my first thought is no, ink doesn't cause skin cancer. This was the answer the cluster of four (three girls, one boy) in 5th period wanted to hear. Apparently, one of their grandmothers had said that it does (probably in an attempt to get her to stop writing on herself). I stepped right in that one.

The conversation meandered into skin cancer and what can cause it. They decided that another teacher was the expert, but no, I would not allow them to go and ask him. And then the conversation wound its way onto other topics, so I walked away.

It was good that they were actually discussing a science topic, and one that was on topic. The biology chapter discussed cancer. Unfortunately, 5th period was an environmental science class, and they should have been studying resources and conservation.

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