Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Outdated Technology

I am dripping with sweat even though it's a cool day (75 degrees in August?) and there has been a cool breeze all day. I've been hard at work.

This week, on the promise of an upcoming garage sale (it's still on, Chris, isn't it?), I've been going through all of my, I mean stuff to see what I want to get rid of. Yesterday I cleared out half of my books. Today I went through my closet.

I have a small closet. But it's packed with stuff that I haven't seen since moving in. I found a couple surprising things.

First, I found my old Nintendo Gameboy. I don't know why I ever bought it as I rarely used it. I found games still in the boxes that I bought them in. And I wonder: who's going to want to take these off my hands? No one owns a Gameboy anymore.

I guess that's why I held on to it for so long. I don't want to throw it out (not environmentally friendly). It still works (I assume--the batteries are long dead). But I don't play it, and I won't play it again. What do I do with it now?

The other thing I found I forgot I had. Sometime in the late '80's I got a handheld TV (it was a birthday present). It's got a two inch screen, but it is in color. Last time I tried it, it worked, but now with the digital conversion the antenna won't work.

What do I do with it?

It's still in pristine condition (I didn't watch it very frequently). I guess it could be used as a monitor for something, but with laptop computers, cell phones, and mp3 players with video screens, who needs such a thing?

On the other hand, I can now see the floor of my closet. At least I accomplished that much.

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