Monday, August 3, 2009

Open Letter to My Neighbors

Dear Neighbors,

Apparently, all of our garage door openers are on the same frequency. This becomes a problem if someone's garage door remote is stuck on, for then it jams everyone's signal, and no one can open or close their garage doors.

At first I thought it was me. Really, I did. Mine wasn't working, so I went and replaced it. But when I got home, the new remote didn't work.

I got a repair guy to come out. He checked the system. And you know what happens when you get someone out to fix something. Even though you've checked everything. And it didn't work for you. So my remote works. It's not jamming the system.

I know you've all noticed the problem. Someone managed to open the gate and leave it open. So, it wasn't just me.

Check your remotes. Is the little light thingie stuck on? Is the button permanently pushed down? If it's you, please, please, remove the battery. Then go and get a new remote.

Your neighbors will thank you.

Your neighbor,

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