Thursday, December 4, 2008

Familiar Faces

Today was day two of a two-day assignment. Oddly, fourth period was much better, but third period was much worse. Oh well.

This teacher had the best of all fringe benefits--6th period prep. Yesterday I got to go home early. Today I was asked to cover a math class 6th period. Ah, nuts!

The class was just steps away from the previous class, and I recognized several faces as they stood outside waiting. I recognized outfits, too. Every student save one had been in one of my classes earlier in the day.

Once class started, I introduced myself to the one student who had not met me today, and then they got to work.

It is not unusual to encounter a couple students from previous periods when I cover another teacher's class on the prep period. But the whole class? That was new. Of course, these were both special ed classes, so the chances were greater.

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