Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Texting in Rehearsal

When I checked in at school today, the principal asked if I could cover an extra period...of middle school band. (Insert scream here.)

Now, the principal doesn't usually check in subs. That's a secretary's job. But she was on the phone when I arrived, and the principal was in her office talking to her about something, so since he was there... He's also been known to check in subs when the secretary is out sick, but I digress.

I have horror stories about the middle school band (I've blogged about it here and here). I even dreaded covering one period. But I was not about to refuse an extra period's pay (not that I would ever say no in this situation anyway), so I went in expecting the worst.

It turns out that the middle school band director has an assistant this semester. Which meant that the little darlings could rehearse, and I didn't have to fight with them all period to keep them from tearing the room apart. Score!

So, I found a seat and watched the rehearsal. The trumpet players could not sit still, and many times were not ready when the band started playing. One percussionist couldn't keep a beat. And one french horn player kept texting on her cell phone.

We did not have cell phones when I was in band. Well, they existed, but they were so prohibitively expensive that a normal teenager wouldn't have one. And as I watched the girl text between playing, I wondered how that would have gone over if any of us had tried such a thing way back when. Not good, I'm sure. I had one band director who got upset if anyone yawned.

Technology. If teens weren't fidgety enough before...

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