Thursday, August 27, 2020

Technical Difficulties?

The first week of school (last week) was the weirdest first week I've ever seen. Naturally. 

The first day was a Tuesday. It was pretty much the kiddos who had attended the summer session. By Friday, all but two or three students were attending at least one of my classes a day. (I'm covering the math and science classes, so I have them all twice a day.)  

And then there's Juan. 

I worked from campus on Thursday. I went up to the office for one thing or another when I ran into the principal and Juan. Juan hadn't attended any classes thus far. Supposedly, it was because his computer wasn't working. 

So, they'd given Juan a new computer, and the principal asked me for my Google Classroom codes so Juan could add my classes. (I didn't have them on me, but I had sent Juan emails with them. The principal easily located those emails and got Juan signed in to my classes.) 

I've been emailing the kiddos the link code for the Google Meet daily. (There are reasons why I'm doing it this way.) They seem to be getting them as I have five to six students in each class. (It's a small school with sixteen students total. I have eight students enrolled in each period.) 

I worked from home on Friday. I got this email during second period:

Juan has been on line, but couldn't join first and now second period because he doesn't have an invitation. 

Please all teachers, send Juan an invitation link. 

My response: 

Sigh. I send out the meet link daily to all their emails. I sent it to him again. Is he checking his district email?

I had him again fifth period. Did he show? Nope.

It seems like Juan either doesn't understand how any of it works, or he's figured out the way to ditch class without getting penalized in his attendance. I'm not sure which. 

When I went to check the work turned in, guess who had done the day's assignment? 

It'll be interesting to see if Juan shows up to class next week. 

Classes now have the "in person" component, that is when they meet with me in Google Hangouts, and they have their "assignment" component, that is when they do assigned work and turn it in via Google Classroom. They can do one and not the other, although more of them are "showing up" to class but not turning in any work.


  1. It all just sounds kind of confusing lol. Hope all the kinks get worked out.

  2. I'd be confused myself, but then again, I'm a senior citizen. I have never even used Google Hangouts. Again, good luck.

  3. I got my hair cut last weekend and the lady who cut my hair has a 10 year old. I asked her how the little girl was doing with online learning . She said it was a struggle because her daughter was having trouble with turning in the assignments. She did them and sent them but the teacher didn't have any proof of it; and it seemed like it was happening to a lot of her classmates too. I hope they ironed out the problem and I hope Juan figures it out and actually makes it into class one day!


  4. Hi Liz - it does sound challenging but most kids are pretty net whizzy now ... still good luck - take care - Hilary

  5. Strange days. ~shakes head~ Best wishes, my dear.

  6. Students not getting a link to join is sometimes a problem.
    In MS Teams, there is no such problem. Once a meeting (class) is scheduled, it gets reflected in the calendar, where there will be a link to join.

  7. The fun and games of online learning...


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