Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Airwolf for 8 Cellos

I'm keeping this week light for me as school started back up on Tuesday. (Stories about my first week will appear next week.) I am continuing to cover the class I covered in July for summer school, with my end date being at the beginning of September. (As a sub on a sub credential, I can only cover the same class for 30 days total.) 

A couple months back I shared Samara Ginsberg's rendition of the theme from Knight Rider. She's continued to post a new video about once a week since then. (If you're as enchanted by these as I am, you might want to subscribe to her channel.) 

This week I'm sharing her video from July 5th, the theme from Airwolf



  1. She is fantastic! Hope all goes well for you at school this week :)

  2. Excellent! Been so long, I'd forgotten what the theme sounded like.
    Good luck with the kids.

  3. This school year us already very strange

  4. Very nicely done with Airwolf!. Should be interesting stories subbing this year.


  5. Very, very nice. Our schools will start (upstate New York) September 14, which is later than normal. My district is going to try hybrid learning, at least at the elementary level (we only have one combined elementary/middle school building and a high school building on the same property) M through Thurs 1/2 the school attends. On Fridays, the two halves will alternate. But our largest district in our "Triple Cities" just announced online only until October 5. It's really not a happy time for many and I wish you the best of luck, whatever your schools encounter.

    1. Thanks. We're all online for the moment. As soon as the numbers come down, I'm sure we'll open back up.

  6. The Hub, who isn't musical, has discovered "2cellos" and is avidly watching everything they have on youtube. Brilliant cellists, but with a flair for the dramatic.

  7. This girl is excellent! It takes quite a bit to not only learn the different parts but to be able to piece it perfectly together

  8. So cool! I love the sound of cello. It's on my list to learn to play one song, at least.

  9. Surely, very interesting! I remember your earlier post.
    I wonder how it's done, all these multiple images.


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