Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Lost Ability

It's Tuesday, so it's time for my weekly random question...

I wish I had a better explanation for this one than I-was-reading-something-that-only-nominally-touched-on-this-and-the-idea-sprang-fully-formed-into-my-brain. But that's kind of what happened. Sorry.

What if humans were once all telepathic, but at some point in our history, that ability was blocked?


  1. That is an interesting question which leads to more. Who blocked it? Did we block it because we could not deal with knowing what everyone else thought? May be we knew it would lead to our demise so we had the sense to put a stop to it. this is a good question to ponder

  2. Maybe it disappeared around the time that we learned to talk. We didn't need the mental connection anymore so it evolved out. Plus, it meant we could start lying :P

  3. Makes you wonder if it was blocked, would we think we were missing something and search for it? I think corgis must be telepathic because Koda sure can read my brain when it comes to food :)


  4. Yes, blocked by whom? And why? I'm not sure if I'd like hearing everyone else's thoughts.

  5. Maybe it was blocked by natural selection. Maybe Neanderthals were telepathic but because they got so angry with each other when they read each other's minds they started killing each other so the ability eventually got wiped out. Good theory?

    1. Now, that is a possibility I had not considered. I like it.

  6. It's certainly possible. Perhaps we block ourselves...because we're closed-minded.


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