What If? Tuesdays

I like speculative fiction. An interesting world or a strange idea can capture my imagination and hold it captive for days. (Okay, sometimes years.) I suppose that's why I'm drawn to write it. (Or at least try to.)

Many times, it starts with a "what if?" Some of my "what ifs?" lead me to interesting stories. Sometimes, the thoughts are interesting, but they go nowhere.

My Tuesday (formerly Thursday) posts consist of random questions. The only purpose of these is to generate story ideas. They don't have to be based in reality. In fact, they work better if they're not. These are questions which are meant to lead to more questions which hopefully will turn into a story of some sort in the future.

Let the question take you where it will. Assume anything you wish. And if you manage to create a story from it, it's served its purpose.

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