Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hidden Controls

It's Tuesday, so it's time for my weekly random question...

This one has a kind of convoluted explanation. It all started when I uploaded a new uninstaller program (Revo Uninstaller).

Years ago, I installed a program that gave me access to stunning photographs that I could use as wallpaper for my computer, and the screensaver was a slideshow of a bunch of those pictures. It was great. I used it all the time.

But, the website went from being easy to use to needing a paid subscription to access that which I used to be able to access. It was no longer worth the trouble. I tried to uninstall the program...

...and broke my computer.

Well, not really. There were some things that kind of got left behind in the uninstall, and the only way to fix them was to reinstall the program. It made a couple things (like changing my wallpaper) difficult, but it was better than the issues that arose after the uninstall.

The new uninstaller program purported to find those left behind little tentacles and remove them. Once the troubling program was uninstalled (with no ill effects!), I went about uninstalling little things that I didn't realize were on my computer. Programs that I had no idea were there. And that's when I found it.

I have no idea when a Sims game got installed. I never play it. And that's what gave me the idea for today's what if.

(Don't ask how I got from the above to this question. My brain made a leap. That's all I can say.)

What if we are a projection from someplace else (perhaps controlled as in The Sims) and the thing that makes us possible is a device that is present in our world, but hidden? What if someone found that device and didn't know what it was (or did figure it out)?


  1. ick! It feels like the Matrix:) I would rather stay where i am in ignorant bliss. I would not want to be zapped out. Give me the ignorance of my life any day:)

  2. I think if he did figure out what it was for, he would probably make a great deal of money selling to someone, but then he'd have to go live somewhere else (i.e. another planet if that was possible) because then he wouldn't be safe living here.


  3. You keep coming up with brilliant ideas for books Liz! You should write one and give us the answers!

    1. I keep the what ifs that go along with my stories to myself. Maybe someday I'll finish one.

  4. That sucks! I hate software that takes over your computer like that. I'm guessing it was designed to put a bunch of crap on your site (like the game) and they were paid by the game owner to put it there. I have Windows 8 and I love the wallpapers. I have a beach as my wallpaper right now. It won't work as a screensaver, though. My laptop just goes to hibernate if I walk away for a while.

    1. My computer won't hibernate anymore. Hasn't since May. One of these days I'll find the program responsible...

  5. I'm putting uninstaller on my to do list. But back to your question... Sometimes I do think that we just might be in some false reality being controlled by someone with a very sick sense of humor. But that's only on my very bad days.


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