Monday, June 23, 2014

Lost and Found

Last week was the last week of school. And this year I actually picked up some days. Amazing.

On Tuesday, I only had periods 1 & 2. It was finals week. They were on a block schedule. But these classes took their finals the prior week, so the class was pretty much done.

Jacob was not happy to see me. It wasn't me especially that he didn't like. He just really needed to see his teacher.

See, back in December, Mr. D confiscated a set of Uno cards from Jacob. And Jacob wanted them back.

We searched the room for them, but we were unable to find them. I gave Jacob Mr. D's email address so he could get in touch with him (every teacher's district email address is similarly constructed, and this address is readily available to the parents) and I let him know that Mr. D would be back on the last day of school. While Jacob wouldn't have to attend Mr. D's class, he would be on campus and could touch base with him then.

Towards the end of 2nd period, a senior came by to return some things to Mr. D. And she had a book to return to a student in 4th period. (If we weren't on a block schedule, it would have been 4th period and she would have seen him.) So, I put a Post-It note on the book and labeled it "James: period 4" so I wouldn't forget to return the book.

Sure enough, on Wednesday I remembered the book. James gave me the strangest look when I handed it to him. I explained that the senior girl had found it in her backpack and wanted to get it back to him.

James then explained his reaction. He had just paid for that book. (It was a library copy of The Catcher in the Rye.) He thought it was lost.

The other students urged him to return it anyway. Maybe the library would give him his money back. And as we weren't actually doing anything in class, I gave James permission to go right then.

James returned 20 minutes later. Yes, they would issue him a refund. In a couple days. Well, that's better than being out the cash, right?

On Wednesday I learned that Mr. D needed Thursday off as well. So, Jacob was not pleased to see me again bright and early before school Thursday morning. We did another search of the room.

Mr. D had never responded to the student's email. Sigh. I guess he was busy with other things.

Mr. D had left me a cell phone number. So, I texted him. (I don't like to bother teachers when they're out, but this seemed like the thing to do considering the circumstances.) Jacob went to his 5th & 6th period classes. I got a text back sometime during 6th period (which I didn't see until after school--I keep my cell phone put away during class time).

I located the Uno cards. They were under the sink, under a dust bunny. Ick. Ah well.

Jacob returned after school, and I had something to return to him. He was very happy. (Apparently, he had a "vintage" set of cards. From the '80s.)

It's nice when I can return things to their rightful owners.


  1. Whoa. I'm tired just reading all of this! One thing I was thinking throughout was, "I'll bet she's going to have to rest all week just to get her energy back!" I hope you were able to sleep in and spend all day relaxing.

    1. I wish. This summer... Well, I'm not going to vent all over the blog, but the stress has just started.

  2. I hope that kid got his money back. I wonder what the book was doing in the girl's backpack.

    Vintage Uno cards? I guess they're valuable to somebody.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. sorry for the comment delete, nasty spelling error - couldn't let it stay out there! Spent all day at a dance's a wonder I am not in a corner with a gallon of ice cream! Anyway - I am so impressed that you went the extra mile for this student. I love it when people can tell that something is important and they treat it as such. Yay you!

    2. It never occurred to me to not. I mean, those cards were his. And it was the end of the year.

  4. LOL, vintage in the 80s. I feel so old. It is good when things come together though and things go back to their rightful owners.

    (I'm surprised the teacher rememebered where the deck of cards was)


  5. 80's is vintage then I must be a relic:) Glad that the cards were finally found

  6. It's a good thing when items get returned to their proper place. It's sad that so many don't make the effort. I'm surprised the teacher remembered the hiding spot.


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