Monday, June 16, 2014

End of Year Analogies

School is not quite out yet. We go later than even some of the districts nearby. Our last day is June 19th, but as I write these posts a week in advance, there will be one more week of subbing stories before I go into official summer mode.

(Summer mode? I have a summer mode? Why, yes, I do. It's my "official schedule", although I don't usually post five days a week. More like three.)

In what looks like my last day at the continuation high school for this school year (I have three days scheduled next week, and none of them are at the continuation high school. And the continuation high school gets out two days before the other schools), the English class had an assignment on analogies.

You know, those things that say "_____ is to _____ as _____ is to _____".

The direction was to do them together. I had a key. But I didn't always agree with the key.
1. Thread is to rope as worm is to _____.
What would you put in that blank? (I'll give you all a chance to answer these before I post the answers in the comment thread in a day or so.)
2. Fish is to aquarium as bird is to _____.
3. Shovel is to dirt as fork is to _____.
4. Kind is to helpful as happy is to _____.
I want to see if you get what the key said. Because that's not what I thought when I saw these. #4 especially.

But the kids had a little fun with these, too...
5. Sky is to blue as grass is to _____.
One kid said "yellow". I don't know, to be funny, I guess. But this is California. We are in a drought. It is coming into summer. Yellow grass? I can see it.

Then the one that got them all in a lather...
6. Braid is to hair as weave is to _____.
Because to them a weave is something that goes in hair. I had to explain that weave means something else, too.

English class can be so much fun.


  1. That grass is to yellow comment got me thinking about context. It's pretty clear that the kid got the gist of what the analogy was, so he should've gotten the answer correct. I bet most teachers would mark it wrong, though, which means in effect they are testing two things: 1. Do you understand an analogy and 2. Do you agree with me as to what color grass commonly is?

    By marking it wrong, the teachers then tell the kid he DIDN'T understand the analogy. I think any answer that gives a color -- or any characteristic of grass-- should get some credit, because that's really the point, isn't it?

    I'd take the test but technically I am supposed to be writing a brief and can't get too distracted right now.

    1. We were doing the paper together, so as long as he wrote something down he got it correct. And I did say to him that yellow made sense there, so I didn't negate his answer.

  2. Some people never learn to think critically. "Cup is made by man." "Desk is made by man." "Religion is made by man." It's this last part that gets most people. Cognitive dissonance pulls the brain to one side and insists, "No, religion is inspired by god. Bible is inspired by god." I say, "No No No. Let's start over. Cup is made by man. Desk is made by man. Bible is made by..."

  3. I'm really not sure about kind is to helpful, happy is to...
    The rest seem fairly straight forward I think. Can't wait for the answers.

  4. I have to admit, I have no idea what the answer to number one is. Is it snake or something? Because a snake is a bigger worm (not really, but kind of) and a rope is a bigger thread...also not, I am not good at analogies. I also thought the weave thing was for hair. It's not used for much else today, is it?

  5. hmmm let's see if I answer these or get a fail:) I would say Worm is to dirt (or one of my former boyfriends). Bird is to Air/Sky-I won't say cage, they need to be free so they can crap on that old ex of mine. OK Maybe I am hungry but Fork is to food. I use a fork not a spoon or hands unless it is French fries then it's all about the hands. Happy is to joy? Maybe smile like if I see Paris Hilton or one of those media prostitutes literally fall on their butt. Well Grass is to green but I love the yellow comment. I was thinking hair too but I shall say fabric or wool. There! My answers:)

  6. I'm also having problem with #4, can't wait for the answer to it. Loved the answer about yellow grass; so true here, along with dead grass or why bother even to plant grass. Son's high school where he finished his senior year in Laguna Niguel (Orange County) finished up late too. He graduated June 21st seven years ago. Before, he was used to getting out end of May around Memorial Day. That was a long month for him, LOL :)


  7. Exercises like this are why I always hated English classes. #1 Snake doesn't seem right, but nothing else fits.#2 cage -#3 food #4 ????

  8. LOL, I thought the same thing when I saw the word "weave." I think because it's in there with hair. I can't believe school lets out so late. I hope that means it doesn't start back until September. My stepdaughter's first day of school is at the end of July!

    1. Yep, that's the trade off. We start back after Labor Day.

  9. I am tapped out on school and glad we're done until August. :) I'd do the exercises if I had anything left. Still, this made me smile.

  10. As promised, the answers as given in the key:

    1. Nightcrawler
    2. Nest
    3. Lift
    4. Glad
    5. Green
    6. Cloth

    But I disagreed with these. I have no idea what #4 should be, but I think 1. Snake, 2. Cage (because the fish is in an aquarium), and 3. Food. The best answer I got for 6 was basket. Although, thread would work too (if you braid hair, you'd weave cloth).


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