Friday, June 27, 2014

End of School Year Review

To end the school year, I have two annual posts. First is "Graduation Daydream", and second is this one, where I tally up all the different assignments I had this year.

(This post can be a bit dry, so I understand if you skip it.)

There were 178 school days this year. I worked 131 of them. This is slightly up from last year. Of those days, I covered teachers without prep periods on 27 of those days, and on 37 other days I was asked to cover another class on the teacher's prep.

I worked both the first day of school and the last day of school. This is unusual. Usually I may work one or the other. Sometimes neither. But both?

I covered 83 days in high school classes, 32 days in middle school classes, and only 17 days at the continuation high school (although I did get to cover that school for 6 days during August). That's an all time low for the continuation high school, but there were extenuating circumstances that curbed my continuation high school days.

The highlights:

  • English: 31 days
    • 12th grade English: 12 of those days
  • Science: 27 days
    • Physics: 5 days
  • Social Studies: 16 days
  • Math: 53 days
    • Algebra 1: 31 days
    • Geometry: 19 days (although some of those days were for teachers that taught both algebra 1 and geometry)
    • Calculus: 3 periods (that teacher only taught one period of calculus, so those days were also math analysis and algebra 2)
  • Special Ed: 19 days (and 7 extra periods)
    • Severely Handicapped: 10 extra periods 
    • (This is way up from previous years.)
  • Misc: 11 days
    • Art: 3 days
    • Photography: 1 day
    • Testing proctor: 3 days
    • Opportunity: 4 days
I only covered one period of band all year (woot!) and didn't cover choir once. I also didn't cover any specific computer classes (although computers were used in some of the other classes) or business classes. Strange.

And now the summer blogging schedule is officially underway...


  1. Wow. So substituting is a full-time job for most people? Would you consider taking on teaching with your own class or do you prefer moving around as a substitute?

    1. It can be. There are some slow times when no one really works, but the rest of the year...

  2. With a list like that, you sure must know how to adapt to different situations. Especially math, it seems. I wonder if math teachers get sick more easily.

  3. I would find this to be exhausting Liz. At one stage I taught drama and went from class to class for three days of the week and taught my own class for two. Having to settle each class every 40 minutes did my head in.

    1. I have subbed for teachers who didn't have their own classroom. And yes, that is exhausting!

  4. Any idea why you worked more this year than last year? Less subs available? Do teachers have to find their own subs or is there a central number that calls you?

    Interesting stats!


  5. Your job seems more interesting than regular teaching -- you get to change around so much.

  6. Ÿou've piqued my curiosity ... What on Earth is Opportunity? I really want it to be something magical, but I fear it is a shined up way to say something less interesting. I love that you keep these stats. So interesting.

    1. Opportunity is where they stick discipline problems before they get booted out of the school (and sent to an alternative placement). These are not pleasant days for a sub.

    2. I knew it wasn't going to be magical! Poor you...I can't imagine the patience you'd have to haul out for a day like that.

    3. It's definitely a long day...

  7. Happy Summer! Do you work at all during the summer, like at the continuation high school or any summer school?

    1. The continuation high school starts back up at the end of July, so there is a possibility I could work then. And summer school... Well, I'm on the list, but they really don't need subs too much during summer school.

  8. Congratulations on reaching summer. Now get a tan on a beach like you deserve, drink a mai tai, and stare at some men with gorgeous bodies. Hell, I'd join you on that vacation.

  9. oh my greatness that's a lot! I volunteered for two periods at my kids school and had a blast! glad to have found your blog, and newest follower!

  10. You seriously have to be ready for anything. There must be an aspect of excitement involved, of anticipation, but does it ever get just plain exhausting? I can't imagine. I suppose you don't have to worry about routine? :)

    Have a wonderful summer, Liz!

    VR Barkowski

  11. What kind of class is "Opportunity"? You have been busy but now you are on your break until Sept!


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