Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What Did I Miss?

I met the girl before. She has one of those unusual names, which means that I'm more likely to remember having to read that name while calling roll.

The class was a CAHSEE math prep class. All the students in it had failed the CAHSEE.

So, we were going over fractions. Finding common denominators. Going from mixed numbers to improper fractions and back again. Reducing.

I caught the girl rolling her eyes. Trying to sleep. I sat her in the front to keep her from constantly talking to her neighbor.

Then one day she was absent.

Later that day, at lunch, she came in. Turned out she was late to school, so she was sent to tardy sweep.

She explained what had happened. (Long story involving carpool and filling the car with gas.) Apologized. Promised not to miss class again. And asked for the assignment she missed. Turned in her homework from the previous day.

I had to scrape my jaw off the floor. (After she left, of course.)

Must not judge students. They do care about their education.

And to be fair, the class is pretty dreary. Remedial. I don't really blame her for being bored.


  1. Common denominators boring? Au contraire, mon frere. I...

    *checks definition of common denominators*

    ... no, you're right.

    Maybe it was you that made her care? By moving her up?

    1. The class is 1st period, so I blame the sleepy on the earliness of the hour.

  2. Sometimes kids really do learn! Yay! Good for her.


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