Thursday, September 12, 2013

Burn Notice Generated Question

Burn Notice is one of my favorite shows. It ends its run today. Sigh.

While I love sci fi and fantasy, I do enjoy other genres. Burn Notice is one of a very few shows that I enjoy watching over and over again. While most of the TV shows I like I watch an episode once and I don't need to see it again, I enjoy each Burn Notice episode whether it be the first, second, or fifth viewing.

I'll be sad to see it go. This season has been...different. Good different or bad different? I'm not sure. Depends on how it ends. Tonight (but it'll probably be the weekend before I get a chance to see the episode).

But this isn't my Friday random TV show day. This is Thursday. And something that happened in the penultimate episode got me thinking. This isn't a particularly new question. It's not innovative in any way. But it can generate stories. It has in the past.

What if you had to get out of town in a hurry, leaving everything and everyone you know behind?


  1. I love Burn Notice, too. I'm going to be sad to see it go, but I can't wait to find out what happens tonight. Though I'll probably have to wait until Friday sometime to see it.

    And I was thinking about your question, and the first thing I thought was "But what about my books?"

    Here's hoping I'll never have to go on the run.

  2. I'd be cool with that. Although I wouldn't be able to leave my cats behind. I would be worried about whatever it was that made me go on the run, though.


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