Thursday, June 14, 2012

Proofread, Please

Wednesday I covered a photo class. (They still teach it, and the students still use black and white film.) I would really like to discuss something with the teacher, but even if I did get the chance, I don't think I'd actually bring this up. It's kind of, um, silly.

In the lesson plan, it stated: "When they have 15 minutes of class time reaming..."

I know he meant "remaining". I know it's just a typo. But I've subbed for him a few times, and he still hasn't fixed it.

A lot of teachers do this. They use the same basic lesson plans every time they have a sub. They change out specifics like the date and the specific assignment, but things like discipline and the schedule remain the same. No big deal, except when they have a glaring mistake.

Sometimes it's a misspelling. A couple teachers have "role" when they mean "roll". But they don't read through it, and so I'm the only one who sees the mistake.

I kind of want to take a red pen and put editing marks on these things. I know it would be in poor taste, so I don't. Oh, but I'm itching to.


  1. Spelling and keeping track of errors gets harder to do as I get older. I used to be spot on with them, but I catch myself making more and more mistakes with age.

  2. I'd want to do the same thing.

    I was at my niece's dance recital last weekend and there was a bake sale going on in the lobby with a big sign saying "Snack's" instead of "Snacks." I found it to be very distracting.

  3. Just last Saturday my aunt showed me my cousin's school ID, where school is spelled "schoool". All these people are teaching kids. Kind of explains a few things.

    1. hahahhaa, that made me laugh... in a "cringing" sort of way.

  4. That would drive me nuts. These people are meant to be setting an example for their students... argh.


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