Friday, June 15, 2012

No Notebook

7th grade science. They start class with a "warm up". This time, they were to read two pages from their textbooks and answer the four questions that went along with it.

One boy wasn't doing it. His desk was empty, so I asked him what he was doing. He explained that he didn't have his science notebook.

I got this excuse several times during the day, so I had a solution. They could do the warm up on a loose piece of paper and staple it into the notebook when they got their notebooks back. Every other student was okay with this, so I reiterated that instruction.

"I don't have any paper."

Of course not. I wasn't much in the mood, so I informed the student that I'd let his teacher know this. As he wasn't bothering anybody at the time, I was going to let it go at that.

Two minutes later, the boy pulled a notebook out of his backpack. Hmm. I guess it wasn't lost after all.


  1. Maybe his backpack was refusing to give it up. They can be quite troublesome that way.

  2. he might have forgot. Boys that age tend to have other things on their minds...altho I will say that back in the day that sort of crap would get you sent to the office and a note sent home, or worse, a phone call. It was easier to either go along, or pretend. I'm surprised this student doesn't know that trick. Are kids not as bright as they used to be?

    ps I was almost a teacher. I chickened out.

  3. Indeed--it would seem it wasn't quite "lost".


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