Thursday, June 7, 2012

It's Not So Bad

I've gotten several comments lately about how awful my job must be. It's not. Really, it's not. But perhaps the problem lies in what I choose to relate here on this blog.

Unfortunately, the stories where the kiddos behave and do their work are not all that interesting. So, I do not tell these stories. I tell the stories of things that I think are funny. That they aren't coming off as funny tells me that I really need to work on my delivery. (I guess I'm too deadpan. I see too many people who try too hard to be funny and it just isn't, so I go in the other direction.)

Wednesday is a good example. I was called to cover 7th grade core, which means that I had the same group of kids for two periods. They had one period of English and one period of world history.

For the first three periods, things were good. Really good. We read the assignment. They actually volunteered. The rest of the class paid attention and didn't talk over the readers. Then they worked on the questions. Silently.

See. Boring.

I know you'd much rather hear about the one group that made rude noises while students were trying to read. And then denied involvement when caught. (Although, I didn't catch all the perpetrators.)

See, much more interesting story.

This is my dilemma. It's the crazy things that make for good posts. They make my job look horrible. But it isn't. Most days, it's the one crazy thing that I blog about, and the rest is just kids being well-behaved students.

Perhaps I should just turn this into a blog exclusively about my knitting. (Nah. I'd get sick of that real fast.)


  1. I like hearing about your crazy stories. Not only to they make me laugh, but the often make me look at my own kids in a much more favorable light :)

  2. I also enjoy reading your stories. :) While they do have a serious side, they're quite funny (as a lot of things are).

  3. Yep, the 'out of the ordinary' stuff seems to be what makes for entertaining writing/reading ;)


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