Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Not Weather Appropriate

Walking onto campus this morning, I passed a boy wearing a tank top and shorts. 

Then, in second period, a girl came in wearing shorts. I asked the obvious question. She told me that it was a warm day. 

I run warm. On any given day, I have the air conditioning on. Today? The first thing I did was turn on the heater. 

And yet, there are kids dressed for warmer weather. 

It's cold here. Well, cold for us. Most of the country would laugh seeing us shivering in heavy jackets in 50 degree weather. But since it rarely gets much colder, we consider this cold. 

Our high today is projected to be about 66 degrees--a fairly temperate day, but we're warming up from a couple previous chilly days. When I saw the boy in the tank top and shorts, it was about 50 degrees. I was shivering, yet he didn't seem to notice. 

I see this every year. The temperature drops, but the students still dress like it's going to be in the 80s. I've seen girls in short skirts and flip-flops. Boys in t-shirts. 

Then in the summer, they all still wear their long-sleeved hoodies. 

I really should stop paying attention. 

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  1. Kids are idiots. I saw some walking on the street at night (two guys) no coats...barely over 30 degrees here. They obviously looked cold. But they wore their gang banger clothes. I told my friend Meg, "Look over there...pair of idiots at 2:00. Wearing a coat would impact their street cred."

    I have nothing to prove. I drive an eleven-year-old car. I'm not of the predominant religion and am single so no one in my city stops by to visit so nothing to prove with my house either. So I like things warm or cool and dress appropriately. Having no one to impress makes for wiser choices.


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