Friday, November 18, 2011

Graduation Surprise

For the past three days I've been at the continuation high school (again). This was the time to be there, as the last two days were short (out at noon).

Graduation works differently at the continuation high school. When a student finishes his credits, he graduates. There is a whole procedure to checking out at this point, and one of the things they do is announce the student's name over the PA system.

On Wednesday, the PA came on and Pomp and Circumstance started playing. I stopped to hear. The principal came on, and the first thing he said was, "I would like everyone to sit down for this."

Then he announced the name. I dropped my pen.

If my chin hadn't been attached to my face, I think it would have landed next to the pen on the desk.

The principal said Dane's name*. (I've been searching my archives. I thought I mentioned him more than this.)

The last thing I ever thought he'd do is graduate. Apparently, I was wrong.

The next day, the school paper came out. In it, they list the students who have graduated. I expected Dane's name, but I was shocked to see Kayla's*. Kayla graduated?

I guess when they said that they do their work, they were telling the truth.

Don't get me wrong. I'm happy for them. I'm pleased that they put in the work and completed their high school educations. I just didn't think I'd ever hear of them graduating. (And I'm glad that I won't be seeing them in the future.)

*I don't think I mention this enough, but all student names used on this blog are not their real names.

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