Monday, November 28, 2011

Public Conversation

School is back in session after the Thanksgiving break. Today I covered a middle school art class.

Third period. Two girls were having a conversation about Thanksgiving and what they ate. Then one of the girls mentioned that her excesses gave her constipation.

A boy chimed in with, "Ewww!"

The girls turned on him: "Why are you listening to our conversation?"

It might be because you're talking across the room. Maybe?

One girl was seated at the front of the room. The other girl sat in the back. At one point they attempted to sit next to one another, but I put the kibosh on that. (I find that if I enforce the seating chart, I have fewer problems.) So, they had their conversation anyway.

I pointed out the obvious. They changed topics.

Did this stop the conversation? No, of course not. (At least they got their assignment done.)


  1. My comment didn't go through, according to Blogger. Thanks, Blogger.

    Love the girls who speak loud enough for the whole room to hear, but are then affronted when anyone else comments.

    I hope you had a good Thanksgiving, Liz!

  2. The boy is correct in vocalizing his displeasure loud enough for the others to hear. If you are going to have a conversation in a public place then you need to accept that others can chime in on the conversation.


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