Wednesday, October 19, 2011

An Ordinary Wednesday

I worked today, covering an economics class. I wish I had something interesting to say about the day. Unfortunately, the students were mellow, fairly well behaved, and thoroughly uninteresting.

These are the good working days, but they're terrible for the blog.

The worst thing to happen today? I had a student out of class for twenty minutes, allegedly using the restroom. Considering that the restroom was steps from the class, I'm not buying it.

Rather than tell you all about the a/c issues I had (the students thought I kept the room too warm), I'll just link to a Muppets video...

How was your day? As boring (but good) as mine?

1 comment:

  1. Man oh man...when we resort to the muppets...we truly got nothin'. Maybe you could molest one of your students and blog about it. That'd up traffic.

    I'm just kidding.

    Lurve you Liz XOXO


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