Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Last week I was very busy. This week, not so much.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, I had three periods of 9th grade English and two periods of beginning ELD. As the 9th graders were more interesting (read: the ELD kids were very well behaved), I posted about them.

But there was one thing I wanted to mention about the ELD class.

ELD stands for English Language Development. These are classes for non-native speakers. A beginning ELD class contains students who are pretty much beginners in learning English. We spent a lot of time reading easy stuff.

Remember the boy who I thought was stalling while taking the CAHSEE? He was in this class.

So, okay, maybe I misjudged him. He was struggling with English. Although, I did have to keep my eye on him, as he was one of the students who easily got off-task. But perhaps he did need all the time he took on that test.

At least I didn't kick him out of testing. (I did hover.) He got all the time he wanted. (That makes me feel a little better.)


  1. He did get the time and like you said, you weren't allowed to help. Stalling or not, I'm sure he did the best he could with what he knew.

  2. You are a bad teacher. Get on the ball will you Liz? Sheesh. All my property taxes going to support cretins like you making the fat cash and not knowing everything...


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