Monday, October 3, 2011

Birthday Presents

My sister-in-law's birthday was Friday. Luckily, I finished knitting her birthday presents in time.

Heather's Kindle Cozy

I like making these. I mean, I really, really like them. And since she has a Kindle, I figured she needed one. (Doesn't everyone?)

Then I made her another spiral scarf. (I made her a brown one a few years back.)

Heather's Spiral Scarf

That picture has the thing curled up on the couch. It's rather long, but I made it like that because she's rather tall. She can wrap it around her neck and still have ends hanging. 

It's kind of hard to see how the thing spirals, so here's a close up...

Heather's Spiral Scarf Closeup

Are spiral scarves out of style? I have no idea.

(It was either a knitting post or a post about my head cold. Knitting won.)


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