Monday, January 31, 2011

Freezing the Students Out

It was chilly this morning. So, one of the first things I did once I got into the classroom was to turn on the heater. Once the room got warm enough, the heat switched off.

It was inevitable. Someone had to complain. Kayla told me it was too cold in the room (from across the room, naturally), so she asked me to turn on the heat. I informed her that it was already on. She asked me to turn the heat on again ten minutes later.

The heat switched on and off twice more before the end of the period. The room wasn't toasty warm (that would have been too warm), but it wasn't freezing cold either. (It was about room temperature, somewhere around 68 degrees.)

As they left class, I heard Kayla complain to another student. Kayla said that she didn't feel the heat, so it must not have been on.

Yeah, because I'm going to lie about that. Sheesh!

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