Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Explanation of the Absence

I used to have a MySpace account.  I started my blog there.  But after I had a few too many technical difficulties, I moved the blog here.  I have since closed the MySpace account.  I hate to lose all of my blogs from that time, so from time to time I repost them here.  This one is from November 21, 2006.  

I was taking attendance using a seating chart, and to be extra careful I called out the names of those I was marking absent.  Attendance is serious business.  Kids get things like Saturday School for ditching classes, and I don't want to mistakenly mark a kid as being absent. 

During 5th period only one student was absent.  I called out his name.

"He's locked up."

News to me.  It turned out to be news to the rest of the class.  The student who stated this promised that he was not "playing", that he was telling the truth.  According to student number 2, student number 1 got caught breaking and entering, and that's why he's been missing school (at least seven days).

The things I hear.

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  1. Ha! Worst I got was, "She had a baby." She's sixteen, of course she did. Lovely.


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