Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My New Jacket

I just got a friendly email telling me that my clothing order has shipped. I should receive it in a day or two.

I finally broke down and ordered a winter coat. It wouldn't help me in a place where they have real winter--snow and below freezing temperatures, but it's just the right weight for winter in So. Cal.

I had been eyeing that jacket for a while now. Months. Then it got really cold (well, cold for So. Cal.). But I still waited.

Then the after-Christmas/end-of-year sales hit. The jacket was $75. I got it for $30. (I also broke down and bought some long sleeve shirts. I had two.)

So, of course, the "winter" weather has gone away. Today I'm wearing shorts. We're forecasted to have temperatures in the mid-70s. That seems accurate. I have all the doors and windows open.

This probably isn't the end of the cooler weather. And next year I will need that coat when we get our week of very cold temps. But somehow, I feel like I timed this all wrong.

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