Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Opportunity is All Wet

I ended up in that opportunity class again. The last time? I had five students, and they stayed fairly mellow. Today? I had something like nine students, and they would not do any work. Ugh!

They were punching the walls. They were antagonizing one another. They complained they were bored. I told them they could do their work. They didn't like that idea.

And then it started to rain.

The instructional assistant went out for some reason, and we could see the rain coming down. And suddenly, they were all fascinated by the rain. They had to look outside. They had to stand outside. And then they started to panic.

They had to walk home in it.

I reasoned that the rain might lessen or stop by the time they had to leave. They were dubious. And when it was time for them to leave, it was still raining hard.

Most called their parents for a ride home. I waited with a couple of them as they waited in the office for their rides. Then I went back to the classroom to write up the day. I cleaned up a little. And then I got ready to go.

I went outside to find that the rain had stopped. The sun was coming out.

I was right. The rain did stop when it was time to leave. When it was time for me to leave. They had to deal with the wet.

If they had been nicer to me, I might feel sorry for them. As it is, I'm sitting here chuckling.

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