Friday, December 4, 2009

The Grapevine

It's been a slow week in subbing land. I guess that week off last week gave the teachers a case of the healthies.

Being a Friday at the continuation high school, not much happened today. I had a whole lot of "It's Friday; we don't do work on Fridays" going on. The students talked amongst themselves. I listened.

Apparently, one student was about to be suspended again. The other students in the class were surprised as this boy had just gotten back from a suspension. Since he never showed up for class, I guess he's gone again. What did he do? No one had any idea.

I heard way too much about which teachers the students hated, or as they phrased it: "That teacher hates me and is out to get me." The last sub they had in this class made the list.

I didn't hear the best gossip. The students make sure they are out of earshot before they discuss that.

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