Monday, December 7, 2009

Accusing the Innocent

Freshmen. Grrr!

It was first period. I was walking the room, trying to get them to do the assignment (they had questions from the book they were reading, The Outsiders). Stubbornly, one boy in the back of the room had an empty desk. So, I attempted to get him to put something on it.

First, he had no paper. He managed to acquire some. Then he had nothing to write with. And finally, he hadn't gotten the packet of questions. He accused the girl sitting in front of him of keeping the assignment from him.

The girl in front of him? She was sitting quietly, reading. Minding her own business. She was offended by the accusation.

I turned to the girl. I explained one of the subbing facts of life to her: "I get this all the time. The one who is doing nothing always accuses someone who is working of some crime. Ignore him. I do."

That satisfied her, and she went back to what she was doing. I went and got the boy the packet of work. Then I continued walking the room.

I got back around to the boy. His assignment was on his desk. His paper? Blank.

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