Thursday, September 11, 2008

Scenes from Biology

I finally got a 5:45 AM wake up call. Yeah, I think. So, I had a day at the continuation high school. I don't have any good full-blog stories, but I have a couple scenes to share.

The first bell hadn't rung yet, but I had the door open, so various students were ambling in and out. One boy sees me and comments, "Mr. P's not here today? Do we have a sub?" He asked me. He asked me if they were having a sub today. I was too stunned to come up with an appropriate sarcastic remark.

It was Thursday at the continuation high school, and that means one thing--buyouts. So, at the start of the period, I told them that they would have to complete today's assignment before I would consider signing their buyouts. Two boys crumpled up their buyouts then and there. Hey, I wasn't asking for much, just for them to complete the day's assignment. They weren't willing to do a little work to get tomorrow off?

Today they were to write two paragraphs about whatever biology topic the teacher had left. This had most of them working on the classroom's computers. So, from time to time I'd roam the room. As I was passing behind this girl, the boy next to her poked her. She had her cell phone out, and the website on her computer was nowhere near the assignment. She hit the boy back. "Why did you do that?" she asked. "Because I'm right behind you," I replied. She then had the decency to put away her cell phone.

Teenagers. They can be so much fun sometimes.

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