Friday, January 18, 2008

Substitute Torture

This morning I was at the mercy of the early morning wake up call. So, I was happy when the phone rang at 5:50 AM. The sub caller asked if I was available. I said I was. Then the sub caller told me who she wanted me to cover.

I've been subbing a while. So, I know of many of the teachers. The name I heard this morning? I audibly groaned. (I would have turned the assignment down if this month wasn't as light as it has been.)

Middle school band.

I came in to find what I expected--no lesson plans and only a video tape sitting on the teacher's desk. (Insert scream here.)

The video was boring. I can usually find something to interest me in most education-related videos, so for me to say that this one is boring is to say that the thing was really dry. So, my job was to keep order when I couldn't even keep their attention. And remember, these are middle schoolers, which makes the job that much harder. Yikes!

Well, at least it's Friday. And I'm getting paid today. And it's a three-day weekend. (Can I go home now?)

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